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MatManager Paving Quality System

Keep control of key parameters of your asphalt paving job with the MatManager™ for total paving quality management.


MatTravker for Pankas in Denmark on Asphalt Paver

Achieve perfect lane overlap and improve the quality of longitudinal joints with the MatTracker™ .

SUPER Averaging Beam
SUPER Averaging Beam

Achieve ultimate smoothness with a SUPER Averaging Beam and a Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System. Get a perfectly flat mat by averaging the measurements of up to six ultrasonic grade sensors across its long averaging span of 13m / 40ft for a full-scale averaging effect.

G221 Sonic Grade Sensor and HS301 from TF-Technologies
Mini-Line HS301

Automatically maintain asphalt depth with millimeter precision with a Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System.


Take the human error out the regulation and remove waves in the finished mat resulting from manual overcompensation.

Joint heater tf-technologies paving made easy
Joint Heater

Heat up the joint with a Joint Heater for a seamless road.


By heating the joint you ensure a tight weld of the fresh and previously paved mats. Result? High-density joints that last.

Material Flow AC700

Maintain a steady flow of asphalt to the augers with AC700 Material Control. Get high material consistency and eliminate auger starvation for a better mat.

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"The addition of automatic grade controls allows the paving crew to focus on other aspects of the paving process, rather than having to maintain constant contact with the screed...
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