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UX Designer MatWiser

UX/UI Designer

We are growing and looking for a UX/UI Designer to join our software team. (Danish only).

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Unsolicited application for TF-Technologies

Unsolicited applications

At TF-Technologies we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

Send your unsolicited application, CV and relevant documentation to us now, and we'll see if we have an available position matching your qualifications.

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Get to know what products we sell and learn more about how they work in our Paving Academy.

Mini-Line Grade & Slope Control System G224 G221 HS301

Mini-Line® Grade & Slope Control System


Operating instructions for Mini-Line® System with HS301 Handset

TF-Technologies - Manufacturer of high quality Material controls and sensors for the paving industry

AC700 Material Control


Operating instructions for AC700 Material Controller and Sensor

Daily operation of your Mini-Line system

Daily operation - HS301

How-to video

Daily operating instructions for Mini-Line® Grade Control System with HS301 Handset

Mini-Line G224 in stringline mode HS301 paving system

Mini-Line® G224 Installation - Stringline Mode

How-to video

How to set up Mini-Line® Grade Control System with G224 Multi-Sonic Grade Sensor in stringline...