"Not having to go back and fix mis-matched joints anymore is a huge advantage"

Ben Everett - asphalt ltd. paving

Finally, only in the last 2-3 weeks have we been able to have an opportunity to use the Mini-Line kit. There was quite a lot of reluctance from my customer to use it on any of his jobs. But eventually after several weeks I managed to get the opportunity to try it.
And it works very well; so well in fact that my customer ASCO didn't take much convincing to realize the advantages it offers, particularly the joint matching.
Now after seeing it in action my customer seems to have changed his attitude!
Not having to go back and fix mis-matched joints anymore is a huge advantage.
I used it myself on several jobs, and it really is a great system; simple and user friendly, as well as being nice and compact compared to the ungainly competitor handset units we had experienced in years gone by. I really like your product.

Ben Everett has more than 30 years of paving experience as owner of Blacktop Construction, a road paving contractor in Auckland, New Zealand. Today, Ben has a consultancy firm, About Asphalt, where he use his long time experience as a contractor to teach other contractors and road owners best practices in constructing high quality asphalt roads. He has tried the Mini-Line® Grade and Slope Control System with his customer, Asco Asphalt Supply, an asphalt surfacing company in Auckland, NZ.