"Virtually everything can be operated from the small handset - it is a small controller with a tremendous impact"

Jimmy Christian Kjær

"I am really happy with Mine-Line®. It is reliable and an easy-to-use system.  It is so easy to get started on your paving job, you just push two buttons on the HS301 and off you go.

The assembly is also extremely easy. The cables can actually not be mounted incorrectly, which is a big advantage.  I've been on a job where a different system was used, and one person accidentally installed the wrong cable. It made the whole system crash and a unit had to be replaced. Mistakes like that can happen - unfortunately in such cases the entire paving job is paused, and crew and material are put to stop, which costs a lot of money.

The fact that you can move around with the HS301 in your hand, is an advantage as well, as it gives you freedom to walk around and still be in control of the paver. When you can move around the paver, you can ensure that everything is running correctly, and if it needs to be adjusted, it can be done easily and quickly, as you carry the handset with you. 

Virtually everything can be operated from the small handset - it is a small controller with a tremendous impact. The system is just easy to deal with. It
s as simple as that.

And when you have to set the minimum pulse, one man can do it alone, since you can reach all the way to the towpoint, while you are operating the machine with the handset. I think that's a great advantage.

The system can simply be trusted. And that's the main thing - both when you have to lay asphalt on the roads, but certainly when we have to educate the people who need to work on our roads in the future."


Jimmy Christian Kjær has more than 30 years of experience paving asphalt and over 10 years of experience in teaching how to pave asphalt at Mercantec, the Danish institute of education of asphalt workers. He uses Mini-Line® in his teaching.