How it all started

our story 1978 - Peter Teilmann

1978: Start up

Our dad, Peter Teilmann, an electronic technician and an inventor by heart, founds the company in the name Peter Teilmann Aps.

As a true mom’n’pop operation, our mom is the first employee, working from our childhood home, answering the phone while taking care of us kids. Our dad has kept his job, and does all call backs from his work to potential clients, before he leaves his job to pursue his inventions full-time.

Inventions TF Trading ignition box

Early 1980s: Inventions

The development  takes off within electronic controls for temperature and thermostats for gas-heated screeds. As a pioneer in this area, our dad invents and patents safe ignition boxes, which as a world first controls the ignition and monitors the flame on gas- heated screeds. Other gas-related paving products are added to the portfolio, as our dad starts to market the products. With the new developments, more space is required and a shop is set up in an old barn in the local village.

Being just little girls, we don’t remember much of this, but we do remember the lack of sewerage and toilet facilities at the workshop.

Distributor Grad-Line gradline TF-Technologies

Late 1980s: Distributorships

As one of the founding fathers within electronics for screed control, our dad knows his way around the industry, and takes up several related distributorships within materials testing and quality control within roadbuilding.

Most notably, he becomes the Nordic distributor for the groundbreaking Grad-Line levelling equipment, which is the world’s first grade and slope control system. With Moba AG as the central European distributor, we work closely together establishing the use of Grad-Line levelling systems as best practice in the European paving industry.

TF-Trading TF-Technologies our story

1988: TF Trading A/S

With the firm steadily growing and the new distribution activities playing a greater role, a more corporate name is necessary, and the name is changed to TF Trading A/S in 1985.

A more professional head office is also required, so after buying a piece of land, our dad builds the head office at Kratbjerg where we still reside today, (albeit with a couple of buildings added over time).

TF Trading moves into the new building in 1988, and continues  its solid streak of increasing business.

Ignition Control Systems - Ignition box -FCE24

1990s: Ignition Control

Having built a strong position in the local markets for the distributorships, the sale of TFs own products increases internationally and things start to really take off for the sale of full-scale temperature systems to OEMs. Over a decade, TF becomes the world’s leading producer of ignition boxes and temperature control systems, delivering  our systems  to practically all paving machine OEMs. We continue to develop more advanced and sophisticated systems, and build up knowledge on how to get electronic systems to work on different types of asphalt machines, and the particular challenges involved in creating electronics for the tough applications in roadbuilding.

Mini-Line takes off

2000s: Enter Mini-Line®

As the technology moves forward, Grad-Line starts to struggle.  With TFs expertise in developing electronics for roadbuilding, we start to develop and supply electronics to Grad-Line or re-design their system before re-selling to deliver a more reliable system to our customers.
With the lack of engineering progress from Grad-Line, Moba AG starts making their own levelling systems.TF replaces Moba AG as the overall European Grad-Line distributor, and struggles to bring back Grad-Line in the lead. Eventually, TF is supplying the controller and developing the ultrasonic sensors, so TF also breaks away, and we develop our own non-contact levelling system with ultrasonic sensors – Mini-Line®.

Mini-Line takes off

2000s: Mini-Line® takes off

The sale of Mini-Line® takes off instantly, and becomes known all over the world for its reliability and ease of use. Particularly in far away markets, the system is well received due to its strong durability.
Various OEM solutions are also developed and implemented successfully on different machine types.

We enter into a strategic alliance with a major international player, with TF to develop a new generation of levelling systems, for them to market all over the world.

The future seems bright.

TF-Trading mom and dad in the office - TF-Technologies

2005: The Dark Period

Very unexpectedly, our mom passes away at age 54 after a short disease period, which breaks our dad’s heart and ends our mom and dad’s perfect partnership in both marriage and business. After a miscarried attempt to integrate TF with our strategic alliance partner, TF is left with several years of R&D work falling to the floor. A generational handover to the first-line manager then fails, leaving our dad in charge on his own of a company on its heels. Then, the financial crisis hits in 2008 and it becomes our first year with a negative financial result. As OEMs roll back their forecasts, 2009 follows with the worst result in the history of TF, before we can readjust and slowly begin to recover. Shortly after, we start seeing signs of our dad’s illness.

TF-Technologies Generational handover

2011: Generational Handover

After a longer period of illness our dad, Peter Teilmann, must withdraw from the firm and he hands it over to us in 2011.
Sadly, he passes away in 2012.

Lisbeth Teilmann becomes CEO in early 2012, and starts shaking things up. We decrease our now languishing distributorships, and quadruple the R&D resources, and start focus on bringing up the business again, focusing exclusively on the development and sale of our own products. To underline these changes, we change our name to TF-Technologies.

TF-Technologies progress

2013: Progress

Things start looking up for TF.  With our OEM business on the rise, overall business improves.  We develop the organization and obtain our  ISO9001 certification, and start building up a strong distribution network. We successfully develop several new products and introduce these paving technologies to the market, with more to come.

Finally, Karin Teilmann decides to enter the firm as our Marketing Manager in 2015.

And here we are.