MatTracker is easy to operate and improves the quality of your joints

Track edges to ensure perfect lane overlap

Improve the quality of longitudinal joints with the MatTracker™.

The weakest part of an asphalt road is found in the longitudinal joint. Having a correct overlap in the joint match is key for a good joint compaction and a long lasting road.

MatTracker™ follows the edge of an existing lane of paved asphalt and automates the paver’s side plate movement to secure a consistent and proper overlap of material. Using computer vision technology to track the lane edge, MatTracker™ is able to deliver higher precision in the width of the overlap for an improved density of the joint.

Automating this important process will free the hands and eyes of the operator to focus and improve on other key paving processes.

How it works

MatTracker™ uses a NIR-camera and advanced image processing algorithms to identify the edge of an existing paved lane.

Based on the overlap defined by the operator, MatTracker™ automatically adjusts the side plate to maintain a consistent overlap.

With a simple and intuitive interface the desired overlap can be easily adjusted, and the movement of the side plate can be monitored during operation via the integrated LED panel.



  • Increases the quality of your joints
  • Improves density with perfect lane overlap
  • Automates side plate adjustments of the screed
  • Simple to operate
  • Highly durable technology
  • Relieves operator for other tasks on the screed
MatTracker™ system complete mounted on paver
What you get
MatTracker™ sensor, MatTracker™ Handset and MatTracker™ Mounting System on paver
Achieve perfect lane overlap with MatTracker
On site
MatTracker™ on site in Denmark for Pankas
Achieve perfect lane overlap with MatTracker™
On site
Achieve perfect lane overlap with MatTracker™ - on site in Denmark

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MatTracker™ is easy to operate and improves the quality of your joints



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