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OY-TEI support plane
TF-Technologies - Dedicated on site support

We deliver dedicated support

No matter where you are, we will help you. Our qualified service team stands by to support you by phone, email or Skype for audio-visual guidance and advice.

And with our service plane, we can be onsite to assist you anywhere in Northern Europe within a few hours. And for the rest of the world, we have local partner operations to keep you covered. Just get in touch and we’ll connect you to a specialist in our support network.

Outstanding support

Need support?

Hotline: +45 8883 2160

E-mail: service@tf-technologies.com


Help yourself to 24/7 support using our Paving Academy that shows you how it all works.

Paving Academy, Working Window

How to adjust working window - HS301

How-to video

Working window is how big a change, the handset will react to with locking regulation

G221 mini-line installation

Mini-Line® G221 Installation

How-to video

How to setup Mini-Line® Grade Control System with G221 Ultrasonic Grade Sensor and HS301...

How to adjust sensitivity on HS301 Mini-Line TF-Technologies

How to adjust sensitivity - HS301

How-to video

During daily operation, it may be necessary to adjust sensitivity

TF-Technologies - Manufacturer of high quality Material controls and sensors for the paving industry

AC700 Material Control


Operating instructions for AC700 Material Controller and Sensor