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We make it easier to construct a high quality road. Since our establishment in 1978, we have focused exclusively on the development and production of electronic control solutions for road construction machinery.

We design powerful control systems for your machinery that automate processes that are hard to do manually, and we enable you to monitor and improve key quality parameters of your job.

That way, our equipment will help you optimize material usage, significantly improve mat quality, increase productivity and ensure optimal working conditions for the crew. And you can maintain overview of the job and be free to manage any challenge that may arise without any mishaps occurring.

Our company revolves around the ambition of creating innovative products that are easy to use. Simple as that. All our products are very user-friendly and highly durable, specifically designed to work in the harsh environment of a road construction worksite.

For road construction machine producers, we develop tailor-made solutions specifically to be integrated with their particular machinery, and sold exclusively to our OEM partners. For contractors we deliver our own branded product lines all over the world.

The specific needs of road construction players are at the heart of everything we do.


Lisbeth Teilmann TF-Technologies

Lisbeth Teilmann


Lisbeth is an M.Sc.(Econ) with a background in management consulting and business development from McKinsey & Company and Falck Group.


Joined TF in Feb 2012

Insider's info 

You would think that Lisbeth as the CEO would be busy enough with strategy and business development. In reality, she meddles with nearly everything.



Karin Teilmann TF-Technologies

Karin Teilmann

Vice President of Marketing

Karin is an M.Sc. in Strategic Branding and Communication. She has a background in marketing from Saxo Bank and smaller private firms.


Joined TF in Oct 2015

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Marketing Manager to the bone, Karin never misses an opportunity to launch a catchy song, add a persuasive slogan or create new merchandise that embody the TF culture.

Jacob Lie - TF-Technologies

Jacob Lie

Vice President of Service

Jacob is an Electronics Mechanic trained in TF. Over time, he has held almost every position in TF and knows basically everything about all our products and how they are used in the field.


Joined TF in Sept 1994

Insider's info 

In addition to knowing most of our part numbers by heart, Jacob is known inhouse as a quality perfectionist. You'll be hard pressed to get him to approve changes in production processes for anything other than quality improvements.

Søren Kristiansen

Søren Kristiansen

Vice President of R&D

Straight out of school as an M.Sc. Electronics Engineer, Søren joined TF and has burried himself  in our R&D projects ever since. He is lead architecht on most of our products. 


Joined TF in Oct 2002

Insider's info 

Søren is a real Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Introvert electronics genious by day, but recent events have shown that by night he is a real party guy!

Mads Fisker Sales Manager TF-Technologies

Mads Fisker

Vice President of Sales

Mads has an M.Sc in Chemistry, and is also an oldtimer i our firm. With his technical expertise and understanding of customer needs, he knows all about how our systems can create value.


Joined TF in Sept 2005

Insider's info 

As a very thoughful individual, Mads is the master of the artistic pause in any argumentation. Which makes for rather odd teleconferences sometimes.

Frederik Brøjtenborg Larsen

Frederik Brøjtenborg Larsen

Vice President of Production

Frederik is a Production and Management Engineer, specialized in Supply Chain Management. He has 4 years of experience with supply chain optimizations.


Joined TF in April 2019

Insider's info 

Frederik is a true adventurer at heart. He loves spending time in nature and he has climbed, skied or mountain biked nearly every mountain in Europe. We wonder which new adventures he has planned in the future.